There's no one-size-fits all - discover our tailored skincare

The best active ingredients combined in smart formulations

The journey starts with sourcing

From mineral-rich soil

We source our ingredients from the highest quality farms across Europe. Here, the soil is rich in minerals and nutrients for maximum growth and potency. 

From soil to ingredients

Zero-Waste, Organic Farms

Our farms follow a zero-waste philosophy. We re-use other industries by-products, such as rose hip seeds from tea and jam makers. Any left over material serves as a renewable source of fuel for the biomass boiler, causing minimum waste and environmental impact. 

The cleanest extraction processes

Cold-pressed and more

Setting a new standard in clean extraction, we preserve nature in its purest form. Unlike many big-scale products on the market, all our oils are cold-pressed or distilled to retain their natural goodness, uncompromised by heat and chemicals.

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