Dull & Tired Skin Routine

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Introducing our simple 3-step skin routine for tired-looking skin. An unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, busy lifestyle and environmental factors can lead to dull, tired-looking skin. Our natural skincare routine combines products that smooth and hydrate the skin. With powerful actives to boost collagen production and skin cell renewal, experience a brighter-looking complexion.

The dull & tired skin routine provides specific formulations that brighten and re-energise the skin. 

What do I receive? 

x1 Awakening Serum powered by MAP Vitamin C 30mL
x1 Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream powered by Green Coffee Extract 12.5mL
x1 Anti-Fatigue Face Cream powered by Green Coffee Extract 30mL

This is routine is perfect for you if:

- Your skin isn't dry nor oily but always feels a bit dull 
- You've noticed dark circles below your eyes
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How to apply

Learn more how to apply náu skincare here.

Active ingredients

Full ingredient list

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