‘Natural’ has become the new standard in the beauty industry; its popularity has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. In response, natural ingredients production has been forced to scale rapidly, leaving their ‘natural’ credentials often a lot to be desired.

We do what no mass-produced skincare brand can do

We work with organic farms across Europe to source the highest quality ingredients, a level of quality that sadly can no longer be maintained for a lot of mainstream ‘natural’ skincare brands.

Being natural, however, is not just something we keep in mind when it comes to the ingredients we use. We respect nature by sourcing our ingredients from zero waste production farms, opting for low carbon-emission extraction processes and utilising reusable and recyclable materials.⁠

We retain nature’s active ingredients in their most potent form

We’re passionate about the benefits of natural active ingredients. By fusing scientific innovation and expertise with the finest natural ingredients, we bring you powerful yet natural formulations that get to work on your skin. Our products’ excellent quality depends mainly on the careful selection of raw materials and the right conditions during their processing. This processing method is entirely free of synthetic chemicals, where there is no need for vitamin-destroying roasting, solvents, neutralisation by chemicals, or deodorisation. Our products are certified natural.

We demystify ingredients

At náu, we’re passionate about championing nature and its many benefits for the skin, which is why we want to educate people more in this area; honestly breaking down the ingredients in our products and sharing in-depth knowledge of their properties and effects. By demystifying the ingredients, we’re putting the experience in the hands of the consumer so you can make an informed choice and trust in what you’re putting on your skin.