Recyclable Packaging

We do our best to make sure our packaging leaves no trace on the environment by using recyclable materials where we can.

We use glass, eco-friendly bottles to contain our serums and oils. When finished with the product, simply unscrew the pump or pipette and recycle the glass bottle. Other products, such as face creams and toners, come in recyclable plastic, which is made from corn. Its production releases fewer toxic substances into the environment and uses less energy than mainstream petroleum plastic. That said, it does still contain traces of microplastic, which is bad for the environment so we are continually looking into safer alternatives.Products such as our body lotions and deodorants come in aluminium pouches or tubes, which are lightweight and durable and the only material that can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality.

Ingredient Sourcing

náu ingredients are sourced directly from farms across Europe; many of which have put in place incredibly innovative zero waste procedures to increase their sustainability efforts and leave a minimal trace on the environment.

Notably, we source our cold-pressed oils, such as Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil, from the Grapoila Farm in Hungary who have a zero waste philosophy across their production process. They currently produce 18 different types of natural cold pressed oils and seed flours; for which they use the by-products from other producers to make some of these. Our Rosehip Oil is made using the rosehip seed from local tea and jam makers. This is the first step for much of their cold-press production; sourcing raw materials which are by-products from another industry that would not be able to make use of them, and this way they don’t go to waste.

In turn, this process creates an additional source of revenue for their suppliers in return for their by-products. Grapoila Farm primarily buys from domestic producers, or those from within the EU, with whom they have personal relationships with. Once they have the raw materials they need, Grapoila put the seeds through cold-pressing to extract the natural and valuable nutrients of the seeds entirely, for their onward preservation in our skincare products. 

We then source our essential oils, such as Lavender and Orange Blossom, from the Szmodis Levendulas Farm, also in Hungary. A family-run business, one a pharmacist and the other a horticultural engineer, their lavender gardens are located in the Neszmély wine region on the border of Szomód. 

They’re committed to following an organic farming approach, with their herbs meeting the highest quality requirements through cultivation that has the least impact on the environment. Since 2017 all their products have been BIO Certified. This means they’re cultivated in a chemical-free environment, rejecting the use of harmful materials, allowing the natural ecosystem to self-regulate and adapt in its own way.

At náu we’re proud to work and partner with producers such as these who strive to respect nature, its ingredients and the ecosystem upon which it depends.