Nature uncompromised, from soil to skin.

‘Natural’ is now the new standard in the beauty industry; its popularity having seen a meteoric rise in recent years. In response, the production of natural ingredients has been forced to scale rapidly, leaving their ‘natural’ credentials often a lot to be desired. Industrial production processes subject natural ingredients to high temperatures, thus compromising and stripping their inherent goodness.

The result? Natural ingredients alone are no longer a stamp of quality. It is the extraction of these ingredients, which holds the key. At náu, we elevate natural skincare, by creating formulations that retain the potency and quality of nature’s active ingredients. No compromise. By fusing scientific innovation and expertise with the finest natural ingredients we are able to bring you powerful, yet natural, formulations that get to work on your skin. 

A Natural Laboratory

náu Founder, Dr Anne-Claire Walch, has a pharmaceutical background, and in turn a wealth of knowledge on skincare and its ingredients. Anne-Claire selected Hungarian lab partner, the award-winning Phiola Workshop in Budapest, to formulate our line of products. Acclaimed for their fusion of nature and science, the region is also well known for its natural, mineral-rich ingredients. 

We’re passionate about the benefits that nature can have on our skin, and are committed to using innovative methods to harness its most potent, active ingredients. Nature has the ability to nurture, nourish and supercharge a range of skin types and concerns and our products strive to retain nature’s inherent goodness.

A Tailored Approach

Skincare should never take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Developed on the fundamental understanding that we all have different wants and needs when it comes to our skincare regime, our range of formulations look to combat a multitude of concerns and conditions, including different skin types (sensitive, dry, oily), skin conditions (acne, rosacea), and ageing concerns, such as fine line and wrinkles. With the passing of time, the needs of our skin invariably change and our different ranges are here to support your skin through each stage of life. 

We Demystify Ingredients

What are active ingredients? Active ingredients are components that have been scientifically proven to positively enhance the structure and function of the skin, with claims about the effectiveness of those products are regulated by the FDA. Each active ingredient has a recommended dosage for efficiency; and in general we use the maximum dosage for maximum efficiency.

At náu, we’re passionate about championing nature and its many benefits for the skin, which is why we want to educate people more in this area; honestly breaking down the ingredients in our products and sharing in-depth knowledge as to their properties and effects. By demystifying the ingredients we’re putting the knowledge in the hands of the consumer so you can make an informed choice and trust in what you’re putting on your skin. Learn more about our ingredients here.