Self Care Tips: náu’s Team Takeover

There is no denying that the past year has been challenging for us all, COVID-19 has upended our daily routines, plans, and lifestyles. The unpredictability of recent events has forced many of us to reevaluate what is important, and to take better care of our health - both physical and mental. However, taking care of yourself in the midst of chaos can be difficult, and it is easier said than done to find the time to make self-care a priority (even if we are spending more time at home). 

Here at náu, we understand that self-care means something different to all of us and are fortunate to have a diverse team of strong women, who understand the importance of self-care. For anyone needing some advice, our team has put together some self-care tips that got us through these challenging times.

Here’s what Anne- Claire Walch, COO, tells us about her well-being tricks and routine:

Due to lockdown, I’ve become sedentary, working from home and rarely going out, which has forced me to change the way I think about self-care. I’ve replaced physical activity by training every day with an app at home: Nike Training Club, it’s free and couldn’t recommend more!

Working from home has meant that I don’t spend very long getting ready in the morning. It’s now all about skincare and trying to listen to what my skin needs to look ‘decent’ naturally, rather than covering everything up with makeup on bad skin days. I’ve found that washing my face with cold water has helped my skin combat inflammation. I have been using náu’s Overnight Rejuvenating Face Cream every night to make sure my skin stays nourished, and that I wake up with a morning glow!’

Esther - Performance Marketing Manager:

‘For the first time in what feels like forever, I am learning to slow down and make myself a priority. I can’t say I’ve fully mastered this yet, but I take a few steps to ensure that I am taken care of. 

I take a lot of time working on my mindset, body and skin. I make sure to have honest conversations with myself, working out and going on long walks. I’ve also got pretty extensive skincare and pamper routine, which I do every morning and night.

One of my best tips for anyone who is feeling low through these times is either before or after taking a shower or bathing in the morning, to have a cold shower for a couple of minutes. The cold water jolts your system to increase alertness, clarity, and overall energy levels. Super useful and refreshing and helps to kickstart to a good day ahead.’

Megan H - Email Marketing & Content Executive:

‘I’ve always had an on-off relationship with self-care. When I was younger, I didn’t understand its importance; now it’s become essential to my well-being. I found that taking care of yourself, in both your mind and body, can have the most significant impact on your mental wellbeing. 

As a teenager, I struggled with acne, and even bacne (not fun) but never really invested in establishing a routine or finding products that worked for me. It was only when I got to university  that someone suggested a routine to follow, and it worked like magic. Since then, I’ve invested more time into looking after myself, and I now see the act of self-care as more of a ritual than anything. Skincare was like my entry drug, and now I can’t imagine how I’d be without those critical, personal daily moments!’

India - Marketing Executive:

‘The almost total abandonment of my usual routine, not seeing my friends, and not being able to partake in many of my everyday activities, left me feeling pretty lost and uninspired. However, now in lockdown three, I have learnt so much about myself, and I have built a new routine, with new activities. 

I have figured out that making sure I do at least one activity a day, whether that be going for a run, or doing some painting, drastically improved my mental health, energy levels and wellbeing. As I have hardly been wearing makeup this year, I finally had time to focus on my skin and build a perfect morning and night routine. For example, Náu’s Soothing Facial Toner has been a godsend for my sensitive skin! I also started baking, which I have enjoyed and has turned into a great self-care habit throughout lockdown.’

Aroosa - Social Media & Community Executive:

‘I had never really made self-care a priority until the pandemic, which forced us all to slow down. I started by prioritising something that I did every day but elevating it - my skincare routine.  Skincare has always been an act of self-love for me; it is a part of my day where I allow myself to slow down. While not everyone begins a skincare regime for beauty reasons, the very act of looking after your skin, no matter the purpose, is comforting and soothing. I am a firm believer that investing in your skincare routine is an essential act of self-care and that skincare is an easy step in the right direction for practising other acts of self-love.

Another vital part of self-care for me is words of affirmations; I try to start and end my day by reading something positive. A great Instagram page that has reminded me of this is  @wetheurban - I would highly recommend that everyone follows them!  Overall self-care is about being kind to yourself; taking a deep breath and reminding yourself that everything is going to be okay - you’re going to be okay.’.

Ellán Girvan - Art Director: 

‘Having the opportunity to slow down and rethink my routine to maintain a healthy psyche has swayed me into rethinking my skincare routine lately. Recentering myself and looking to self-care as an escape is one of my very few benefits of this pandemic.

Hitting my mid-twenties has also made me curious of what products I can start using to beat fatigue and common tired appearances in the future. Having stray grey hairs appear and guess where the first wrinkle will mark away at my youth, can encourage a balanced and nourishing skin routine. Náu’s Anti-fatigue face cream has become my staple along with an oil and a gua sha stone every morning and evening. The face cream is like oat milk laté to my morning — a much-needed replacement for my caffeine cravings.’

Megan J - Visual Designer: 

‘I love to exercise and decided to take training at home with a positive approach. I have replaced my gym membership with online classes and purchased a Peloton bike. I have also had more time to reflect and become more aware of my skin internally and externally. 

Even though I have always taken pride in making self-care a priority, I have elevated not only in my routine but have also educated myself on why my skin sometimes plays up. Due to the combination of heating and cold winter days, my skin has become dry and blotchy. I have started to look into the deeper routes of what my skin needs. I am someone with extremely sensitive skin and have found that náu has not only educated my understanding of keeping my skin hydrated but has also made me realise what my skin craves. I now use the Redensifying Serum, which has helped with scaring, uneven skin tone and the blotchiness and love everything about the Anti-Fatigue Range.’