Plankton Extract: The Must-Know Anti-Ageing Ingredient

Retinol, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid have received well-deserved airtime in the skincare industry in recent years due to their effective anti-ageing properties. However, there’s an important star ingredient that doesn’t get praised enough, and that is Marine Plankton Extract.

The derivative we’re going to cover in particular is called EPS Seafill, an active ingredient produced and extracted from plankton collected from the Mer d’Iroise off Brest in Brittany, France using marine biotechnology. Its nutritional and anti-ageing benefits are vast, and let us tell you why...

Immediate Anti-Ageing Results

Exopolysaccharides (EPS) secreted by the plankton are high molecular weight polymers composed mainly of sugars. They’re produced by microorganisms directly into their environment to provide protection, nutrition or adhesion. Each microorganism produces its own specific EPS with its own unique sequence of sugars. The Marine Exopolysaccharides have no land-based equivalent and represent a new and original source of the molecule. Due to its unique composition, each Exopolysaccharide possesses unrivalled surface, texture and cellular activation properties.

Its high molecular weight gives it a particular affinity for the skin and impressive surface properties for filling in wrinkles. The below photographs show scanning electron micrographs of the surface of the skin epidermis before and after plankton application. Furrows and areas of irritation can be clearly seen on the left, however, after treatment, the furrows are filled in and the differences in relief are smoothed out, tighter and more uniform as seen on the right. 

These results have been proven to be visible in only 15 minutes showing almost immediate results. This is due to the Plankton Extract, more specifically EPS Seafill:

  • Stimulating the synthesis of the skin’s elastin by 21%
  • Re-densifying and tightening effects of on the skin’s collagen network by 0.2%

A Highly Effective Antioxidant

Plankton extracts are highly nutritious, feeding the skin with a plethora of vitamins and minerals for good skin function. In particular, it's high in essential fatty acids, which are the building blocks for healthy cells. Fatty Acids provide deep hydration and train the skin cells to retain moisture as opposed to just bringing it to the surface. This can effectively improve the look of broken and damaged skin caused by dryness or scarring, allowing the skin to regenerate. 

In turn, this helps to restore skin’s radiance, giving you a brighter complexion and smoother appearance. Its high zinc content also gives it antibacterial properties helpful at reducing blemishes. All these properties make plankton extract a great treatment for dry and sensitive skin types, especially those who may suffer from rosacea and eczema. 

How we use it at náu

At náu, our Anti-Blue Light Serum is powered by the active ingredients Ectoin and Plankton Extract. Part of our BIO-SMART range, we use plankton extract here for its anti-ageing and skin lifting properties; known to stimulate fibroblast cells, thereby increasing skin's production of collagen and elastin.

Source: CODIF R&N, EPS Seafill: Immediate Anti-Wrinkle Ingredient